When Life Gives You Lemons…

make LEMONADE! Though this is a quote that is used a lot and cliche, Beyonce’ took the meaning to an entirely new level.


Queen Bey’s new visual album has made history now that it has made the Billboard op 200 in it’s first week of release. She is also the first artist to top the list with now SIX number one albums under her belt. The album made over 653,000 units. The project is brilliantly pieced together with stages to heartbreak using the words “Intuition”, “Denial”, “Anger”, “Apathy”, “Emptiness”, “Loss”, “Accountability”, “Reformation”, “Forgiveness”, “Resurrection”, “Hope” and “Redemption”. Though the context is mostly about what happens during a cheated relationship, Beyonce’ also found a way to incorporate the remembrance of the unarmed-black youth whose lives have been ended by the hands and/or of a white officer.

Not only does she do for black men, but she also has a segment that discusses how black women are treated the most harsh in society. Though everyone’s focused on this “cheating scandal” (she’s been singing about cheating for YEARS why people are making it a “scandal” is beyond me),  this project is about way more than cheating. It’s about pain, specifically what black women go through. People may not want to acknowledge it, but what society is. This is a TALL glass of lemonade that everyone needs to drink.


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