The Loss of a Legend

On April 21st, 2016, music lost a great talent known as Prince. The legendary musician died in Chanhassen, Minnesota. There is no statement of why or how he passed away as of yet. There are many legendary moments by Prince that I could place here, but it’d be difficult to choose just one. So I decided to make a list of what made Prince, Prince:

  1. He was feminine, yet masculine all in the same time and he wasn’t afraid to do it while performing either:e3070a0ba62958c3-princegenderbenderfrndylmrn.jpg 63352086natasharenee191328201194829AM
  2. His insane guitar solos/ His ability to steal the show:
  3. His constant challenging of culture, gender and sexuality:peakcpc6wsgeqosumnnrewqx8ssqnixsj4cy9mrwwtanklqo7ozcwoglrye5yxbn
  4. Last but not least, Purple Rain (song/movie):do-not-reuse-bb36only-prince-purple-rain-1984-richard-e-aaron-mptv-billboard-650There are hundreds of other examples that could be given. There are certain accomplishments that artists’ achieve which is why they’re placed here. Prince on the other hand is different. There’s no one accomplishment that overshadows everything else in his career. Prince himself WAS a moment for music and he’ll live on forever.

One thought on “The Loss of a Legend

  1. diy122 says:

    I really like the way you wrote this article. You really emphasized on what Prince was all about and it was short and right to the point. I liked the last line “Prince himself WAS a moment for music and he’ll live on forever.”


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