This Tape Was Made for Grammy’s

KEHLANI__LDN-768x512Kehlani Parrish, professionally known as Kehlani, is a 20 year old R&B singer and songwriter from Oakland, California. She started out in a group entitled “PopLyfe” on America’s Got Talent and once that was over she soared solo. Deeming herself as “top of the underground” Kehlani has released free music and two highly successful mixtapes with production by Jahaan Sweet. Her first mixtape “Cloud 19” was listed on Complex Magazine’s 50 Best Albums of 2014. But why stop extraordinary success there? In April of 2015 the barely legal talent released her second mixtape “You Should Be Here” landing her a spot at number 5 on the national R&B/Hip-Hop chart. The mixtape also received a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album, making it the first mixtape to be nominated for a Grammy. Though she didn’t take the award home, what artist would have a problem with their mixtape getting beat out by The Weeknd at only 20 years old?


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